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Boyd Health is committed to ensuring our patients receive high quality patient centred health care. In order to provide that care it is essential we collect and have accurate, relevant and up to date information for each of our patients. We need this information to properly assess, diagnose, treat and be pro-active with your health care needs. When you sign up to our service you consent to us accessing your medical information   and data from any practice you have previously attended. 

We may use the information in the following ways – 

  • Administrative purposes in running the practice 
  • Billing purposes and compliance with Medicare and the Health Insurance Commission 
  • Disclosure to others involved in your healthcare, including treating doctors, specialists and allied health providers outside the practice. 
  • Disclosure to other health providers who work in the practice, for the purpose of patient care, teaching or accreditation. 
  • Disclosure for research and quality assurance activities to improve individual and community health care and practice management. This information will be de-identified. 

Please follow up your results by booking a subsequent appointment. 


Normal Results 

If your results are normal, and you have consented for SMS contact you will receive an SMS to let you know that your results have come back with “No Action” required. If you have not consented for the SMS notification you will not be contacted by us for “No Action” results. 

Non-Urgent Results Appointments 

If your Doctor would like to see you to discuss your results and you have consented to SMS notification you will receive an SMS with a link asking you to book a non-urgent appointment with your Doctor. 

Nurse or Admin Calls regarding Results 

You will receive a call from one of our Nurses or Admin staff if your Doctor has requested we speak to you in regards to your results. 

Further Information 

If you would like to speak to your Doctor regarding your results further you will need to book an appointment online or call the surgery make an appointment with your Doctor. 

Attending this practice involves a relationship with all staff. In order to maintain a healthy relationship both parties must respect each other and have a mutual trust. 

Our practice tries very hard to provide our patients with a high quality of care and we aim to continually improve our systems and services to help us do it better to care for you. 

We will gladly listen to your suggestions and complaints and follow them up constructively, as this helps us improve. 

However, we will not tolerate the following behaviours from our patients: 

  • violence or threatening behaviour towards any staff member
  • yelling at our staff
  • verbal abuse or aggressive behaviour to our staff on the telephone
  • verbal or physical abuse towards our staff
  • angry behaviour towards our staff
  • continue to not follow doctors treatment advice
  • continue to fail to pay your bills

Although we try our best it is inevitable that from time to time a patient may have a complaint about our services. 

This feedback is very important to us as it alerts us to problems with the service we are providing and drives us to find a better way of doing things. 

If you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to make a complaint you can either: 

  • Speak with your GP or nurse
  • Let our reception staff know
  • Speak with our Practice Manager
  • Write us a letter