Boyd Health Home
Boyd Health Home
Boyd Health is an innovative general practice founded by 3rd generation GP, Dr Owen Boyd, providing local in-clinic services on a regular basis and an easy-to-access Telehealth service.

We Are An Innovative General Practice Providing Care In Regional, Rural And Remote Areas.

Due to the challenges of caring for patients across large distances, we have developed a unique service that provides telehealth consultations.

Boyd Health’s service allows for flexible appointment times and more readily available access.





Boyd Health provides high quality care, with the reassurance and familiarity of regular GP’s. Our telehealth care facilitates your ease of access, comfort and convenience with an experienced team.


medical certificates

Family medicine


Weight control

Nutrition advice

Smoking cessation

Managing Cholesterol

Asymptomatic STI screening

Chronic Disease

Men’s health

(including Prostate screening where requested)

Due to the limitations of our clinic, we cannot provide antenatal or women’s health services.

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